Lloyds Military Network

JLT are proud to support the Lloyds Military Network, The Network was formed in October 2014 with three primary aims:

  1. To provide a network for ex-service and reservist personnel working within the insurance industry;
  2. To support and promote the charitable works of the Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund and The Royal British Legion Lloyd’s and City Branch;
  3. To assist –ex-service and reservist personnel in transitioning into the insurance industry, via the Lloyd’s Military Network Placement programme

Founded in October 2014 The Lloyd’s Military Network (LMN) is a formalisation of the ex-military and serving reservists operating within the Lloyd’s community and Insurance Industry. In the four years that the LMN has been running, over 30 ex-military have benefitted from the placement programme with approximately 80% going on to secure full time employment within the industry

LMN’s Mission

Their mission is to enable ex-military and serving reservist personnel to realise their full potential. Our commitment is to bridge the knowledge and experience gap for individuals leaving the military who have an active interest in employment in the insurance industry.
Assisting those looking to transition into the Insurance industry by providing a platform for them to gain advice, experience and direction.

It is widely recognised that ex-military personnel have valuable life experience and relevant skill sets to be an asset to the insurance industry, however, many employers do not want to take the “risk” of employing individuals who have no insurance experience. This programme is designed to address that “risk”.

The LMN placement programme is the first internship programme of its kind specifically focussed on providing many employers with recognised ex-military talent who will become assets to all participating sponsors.

We look forward to continuing to work with the LMN and support their initiatives to support veterans throughout their on-going journey. For more information please visit Lloyds Military Network.