30 May 2017

We are proud to launch the 19th edition of our Whiteboard magazine, which provides news, opinions and advice on risk and insurance topics affecting UK mid-market companies. 

In this edition we cover:

  • What could Brexit mean for UK employers? – business must prepare themselves for the potential challenges they might face from the effects of Brexit on their workforce
  • Reimaging reinstatement - There are many ways to rebuild a business after a fire or a flood, but there are considerations when settling with the insurer
  • Time to rethink inflation clauses – masterclass on the difference between day one and traditional reinstatement explained
  • Heavy penalties for health and safety breaches - health and safety fines and penalties have sky-rocketed since the courts implemented revised sentencing guidelines on 1 February 2016. In the first year under the guidelines, 23 fines of £1 million or more were issued. That’s more seven-figure fines than the previous 20 years combined
  • Business interruption – the core principles - if the unexpected strikes and your business is interrupted, having the correct sum insured and maximum indemnity period (MIP) on your business interruption policy is vital if you are to recover the full value of your loss
  • Harnessing data and analytics – companies are embracing tech quicker, which means harnessing data and analytics to better understand the risks in their organisations
  • Risking reputation - reputations can be damaged quicker and more extensively than ever before, so companies must manage the risks in case their reputation does take a hit
  • Keeping up with technology - technology is transforming the workplace, with everything from artificial intelligence (AI) to increased interconnectivity changing the way we work. But, while there are significant benefits to be gained, understanding how these advances affect risk is essential.

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